Matt Barnes talks groupie love and bathroom sex with Gloria Govan

Lakers forward Matt Barnes receives a lot of attention about his love life. He and his fiance’e, Basketball Wives LA star, Gloria Govan have been pretty public about the ups and downs of an NBA relationship. On the first season of the LA version of the show, it was revealed that Matt and Gloria were “acting” for the cameras and weren’t together during that time period- which I personally found hilarious as most of Gloria’s storyline revolved around that relationship. Matt recently had an interview with Bleu magazine where he discussed getting over groupie love and how he and Gloria keep their relationship spicy.

 “In the league, women come a dime a dozen.  Not to sound stuck-up or anything, but that’s just how it is.  At some point you have to wake up and realize what your priorities are.  Some guys wake up sooner than others. I woke up and I realized what was important to me.”

“You like to go into a situation saying yes we are always going to be together forever and what’s mine is yours, what’s yours is mine, but sometimes it doesn’t work out like that.”

“Even when Gloria and I were dating other people,” recalls Matt, “when people would say things about her, it bothered me.  Even though we weren’t together it was something that made me mad you know?  It’s different when they are talking about the mother of your children.”

When asked how he and Gloria stay happy sexually he replied: 

“So sometimes that means middle of the day sex.  Sometimes that means after lunch you go and have sex in the bathroom.  We do things outside the norm. I think we were in London last year in a really fancy nice restaurant and….the bathroom.”

I’ve always been told after awhile all the girls blend together and you become numb to it. Even star athletes want someone to come home to that knows the real them.  The question is just how long it takes to reach that point.