Matt Barnes Says He Doesn’t Have To Lie About Rihanna


Matt Barnes’ name has been ringing bells the last couple of weeks after he leaked deets that he and pop star Rihanna were developing a friendship.

Ri doesn’t seem to be a fan of chatty pattys – shout out to Damon Dash – and took to her Instagram account to shut Matt down. Matt’s former teammate, Glen “Big Baby” Davis, had his back and stated on the record that Barnes and Ri were “friendly” in some capacity.

Now Matt himself is speaking on Ri’s diss. He’s trying to be a gentleman and not get into the details, but is admitting that he probably should’ve kept the situation to himself.

“You live and you learn. When you’re in a situation like this and, you know, you just learn. You just got to keep stuff to yourself obviously,” Barnes said. “But the way I’m putting it right now, I’m too grown to lie, you know what I mean. It is what it is, I’m going to let this blow by like everything else blows by.”

“I just smiled. I just smiled, that’s it,” Barnes said. “What can you do? At the end of the day we’re all grown-ups. Like I said I’m too grown to be lying about stuff but life is life. You live and you learn.”

“In life in general, there’s no need. I’m grown,” Barnes said. “My upbringing just doesn’t allow me to have that kind of stuff in it. Life, sports whatever it is I’m just about the truth. I’m always going to be me, even if you know sometimes my mouth gets me in trouble. I’m always going to be me, because I speak on things I feel passionately about. So love me or hate me I’m going to be me regardless.”

Rihanna is clearly over it, she hasn’t posted anything to Instagram since she ethered Matt.