Matt Barnes on cheating karma, Reality shows and the NBA plus his next team [video]


NBA free agent Matt Barnes stopped by “The Breakfast Club” in New York on Monday. Matt gave details about what teams he’s in conversations to play with next – hint they’re Laker rivals, why he won’t be appearing on Basketball Wives LA this season, NBA Twitter fines, partying with Kobe Bryant and cheating Karma.

 Matt on teams he could be potentially signing with:

Clippers, Mavericks and Heat

Matt on why he won’t be returning to the Lakers:

Injured during the playoffs and the Lakers are about championships so they keep it moving.

Why he won’t appear on Basketball Wives anymore:

That’s Gloria’s thing. I’m going to fall back for now. We already opened up our relationship enough. I don’t think teams look too highly on reality shows.

Jill says: See Lamar Odom, See Terrell Owens, See Chad Johnson. This is why Malaysia’s said her husband was doing his own thing. The NBA is no longer having it. That era is probably DONE unless the guy is on his way OUT of the L.

On his break up and make up with Gloria Govan:

We’ve got a family. I put no one above my family. I think it comes a point where you wake up and realize what’s important.

On Karma and cheating:

Being on TV hurt the relationship, I also did a lot being young in the NBA. It never gives a pass, but karma is a mother. It’s a part of growing up, it’s a part of relationships.

Jill says: I’ve always liked Matt and that he was down for Gloria. That’s a mature approach. But, I said it when it was announced Matt was signing with LA… LA is a BEAST it can absolutely take it’s toll on relationships.  You have to be at a certain place to handle it.

On if he and Kobe hit the club once the divorce filing:

Kobe and I kicked it. Drinks. We had fun in L.A., we did what we did. Hung out and had some fun.

Matt also was very open about being fined by the NBA for some of his Twitter rants. Around $7500…

Now you know why some jocks Tweet and delete. That after thought and those $$ sometimes don’t make sense or “cents.”

Check the full interview below.