Matt Barnes On Baron Davis & Dwight Howard Coming To The Lakers [Video]

Matt Barnes was in the Lakers practice facility on Friday to get his physical for the upcoming season. He said his knee is at about  96% and he’s ready to go! Of course he was asked about rumors of two of his former teammates, Baron Davis and Dwight Howard coming to play with the Lake show:

Question:  There’s one rumor out there involving a furmor teammate of yours, Dwight Howard
Matt Barnes:  You know, I’ve been hearing Dwight. I’ve been hearing Baron [Davis]. I’ve been hearing stuff a lot lately. I’ve talked to both of those guys and they want to be here, so we’ll see what happens.
Question:  What have you told them what being here [Los Angeles] is like?  Talked it up?
Matt Barnes:  A dream.  On the court, to be a Laker there is nothing like it to play in L.A.
Not that it hasn’t been painfully obvious that Dwight wants to get out to LA. His second choice is probably the Nets rumor that’s been circulating. While a “brand” can be built from anywhere, there are still certain lil perks that you simply won’t have access to in those smaller markets. No matter how you spin it, that’s the way it is.

We know Matt Barnes is definitely a part of the ink my whole body crew. Friday night he got new a new tattoo across the middle of his chest (ouch)
Dope artwork, painful location.