Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan Separated?


We watched Clippers forward Matt Barnes and his wife Gloria Govan go through the ups and downs of relationships and the NBA on VH1’s “Basketball Wives,” that included a canceled wedding, a surprise elopement and lots of alleged cheating.  Gloria was allegedly hooking up with The Game or one of his friends. Or, how about when Matt was spotted hanging out with actress Eva Longoria and Gloria confirmed that there might be something going on.

Looks like Matt and Gloria have hit the skids again. Matt posted a photo of his new condo on Instagram Sunday.


Other tell-tale signs of trouble in paradise; deep memes about relationships, forgiveness and being a good person

Matt opening flirting with women on Instagram via Baller Alert



and of course, the most glaring observation. no photos of each other on their Instagram timeline. The most recent for both being over two months ago.

We’ve been here before with these two. Time will tell if this is permanent or just emotional Instagram posts.