Magic Johnson HIV documentary produced by ESPN Films and NBA Entertainment airs March 11th [video]

photo via Getty images

November 7th 1991 is a date Lakers fans will always remember. It was the day Magic Johnson announced to the world that he had contracted HIV and would be retiring from the game of basketball. 20 years later ESPN films, NBA Entertainment and director Nelson George have created a documentary reflecting back to that moment entitled, The Announcement.

Check out the trailer.


The film explores how the basketball legend continues to cope with the disease. It features narration by Johnson himself and interviews with confidantes including family (wife Cookie, son Andre) and former NBA colleagues Larry Bird, Karl Malone, James Worthy and Kurt Rambis. Hollywood pals Chris Rock and Arsenio Hall

The film airs March 11th on ESPN. It’s so interesting to observe the change in attitudes from then until now. Most of today’s NBA superstars don’t remember Magic’s play on the court let alone the impact of this announcement and it’s impact on the sporting world.