Magic Johnson doesn’t have a problem with Dodgers hitting the club [video]

Magic Johnson

While everyone else was flipping out about some of the Dodgers hitting up Club Liv following a loss on Sunday, one member of Dodgers ownership was only worried about the w’s. TMZ cameras caught up with Magic Johnson earlier this week who said the team was entitled to enjoy the nightlife because, they’re adults!

….They’re grown men. They can hang out. They can party. I mean … they’re grown. We’re having a great season … so, one game is not gonna hurt us.”

Of course Magic was right, the team bounced back after two losses, winning Tuesday night’s match up against the Marlins, 6-4. And you know Magic knows something about partying and winning. The showtime Lakers absolutely used to hit the club! I’ve heard stories. Magic once said back in the day, he was allowed first pick of the ladies, then the rest of the team…