Madonna shows off her salsa skills in honor of Giants WR Victor Cruz [video]

Madonna is the half-time performer at this year’s Super Bowl. At a press conference today, she showed off her newly acquired salsa skills that she’s developed in honor of Victor Cruz. Although Madonna hasn’t said who she’s going for, seems like she’s leaning towards the Giants

As for her halftime show, Madonna gave a few details.  about Sunday’s show,

“”I really don’t want to blow the surprises,” said Madonna, who only promised to sing three old songs and one new one. “I want people to be knocked off their feet.'”

Madonna’s new single, Give Me All Your Luvin’ features Nikki Minaj and M.I.A.

I love Madonna but I’d like her to refrain from further Janet Jackson shade about the 2004 “incident” everyone should be over that by now. It is quite interesting to me that at 53 Madonna is being referred to as “edgy.” Catch up NFL…