Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood love triangle involves Lil fizz, Amanda and an Oakland Raider


I have an affinity for reality TV. One of my current faves is Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood. If you’ve been keeping up with the show, you’ll recall that former B2K member Lil Fizz is having fidelity issues with his girlfriend Amanda. Fizz said that at one point Amanda was friendly with a guy from Miami. Amanda even went as far as to get an apartment for her and Miami boo to have a little get away spot.


Well, Baller Alert believe they have cracked the code to Amanda’s mystery boo, and he allegedly plays for the Oakland Raiders:


In a more recent episode Fizz says that he caught Amanda and the Miami guy in a car riding down the streets of LA. Messy!

Well, Amanda posted a photo of her with another guy and many are speculating he could be the one who came between her and Fizz.

The man pictured is Jonathan Dowling, safety for the Oakland Raiders.

Here’s what we know of him — He’s fine as hell! Not only that, he’s a new dad too (she’s literally only a few months old), so if Amanda wants to make it work with him, she’s going to have to play step mom either way.

Jonathan is 22 years old and originally from Florida, which fits right in with the storyline.

He has no photos whatsoever of Amanda on his page, but doesn’t mean he didn’t delete them.

They also follow each other on Instagram, if that means anything.


Of course you know Amanda deleted the photo…


She also took a recent trip to Oakland…



This is why you need to be sure your new significant other is ready for the responsibilities that come with dating a single parent. Can’t have people running in and out of your child’s life all random.  Anyway, check out photos of Jonathan and his baby mama.