“Love & Hip-Hop ATL’s” K Michelle admits she messed up with JR Smith and wants him back [video]

Earlier this year a budding romance ensued between Knicks star JR Smith and Love & Hip-Hop ATL‘s K Michelle but alas, something went wrong. K Michelle was recently interviewed on NYC’s Hot 97 where she admitted that it’s her fault the relationship didn’t work out and that she’s working hard to get the Knicks baller back.

The topic came up because of a song K Michelle wrote about sex, when asked about the inspiration behind it she said it was JR. She said once you get a taste of the real, you don’t want anything else. She also wrote another song begging him back saying she has anger issues and pushed him away but she wants a second chance.

Some of the lines in that song,

“There are a million hearts that beat for me. But it don’t mean a thing, cause the man I want don’t care nothing about me.

And I’ll give my own eyes. Can you please see that I am her and you are he. What do I gotta do to make your heart beat.”

DAMN. I’ve felt that way before. I hope he gives her another shot! She apologized and owned up to her mistake. Good luck K Michelle. You can check out the interview here. Fast forward to the 9:30 mark to catch her talking JR and hear her sing her love dedication to him.