Looking For A Date With A Pro Athlete? There’s A Service For That

Looking to date like a Kardashian? Trying to find your one true love that just so happens to also have a career in sports? You can take to Facebook and Twitter like so many have or, you can find a way to register with Kelleher International.

The “personal search” firm, who most recently added Terrell Owens to their roster,  estimates that 20% of their clients are current or former pro athletes,  that includes former NBA and MLB All-Stars and even baseball executives.

The company pulls candidates from a vast database – I wonder how they pull in their female candidates- the service, at $25,000 to $150,000 at the “elite” level, is by no means cheap but I hear they have an excellent track record.

The most interesting thing about this is that a good portion of these men spent a lot of time chasing the lowest common denominator in women, using their status and money as a lure to suck women in. Then once they reach a point where THEY’VE been replaced in the cycle by the younger, hotter athletes (kind of poetic justice perhaps as I’m sure they’ve done their fair share of procuring then discarding), they want to cry woe is me in the dating world.

:shrug: It’s their money but how can this company prove these women are in it strictly for love in more than you yourself or even e-harmony or  match.com ? Oh well, good luck!! Please be sure to let me know if you have or know of any success stories via Kelleher International.