Lolo Jones won’t be disciplined by U.S. bobsled for bar fight


Who knew track star turned member of the U.S. bobsled team, Lolo Jones had a little bit of thug in her. Lolo got into a bar fight with the stepdaughter of a Hall of Fame bobsledder last week. It was rumored that Lolo knocked the woman out in the fight.

The fight took place at a nightclub in Lake Placid, N.Y., where Jones, an American track star, is training for the winter sport she added to her repertoire last season. Other bobsledders were reportedly present.The other woman is reportedly the stepdaughter of Tony Carlino, a longtime athlete, coach and administrator in the sport.

Darrin Steele, the USBSF chief executive said no team rules were violated so there will be no disciplinary action. In other words, that sounds like a personal situation that has nothing to do with us.

Jones was under fire recently for complaining about her $741 check for seven months “work” with the USA bobsledding team.