Loaded Gun Found in Former Saints DE Will Smith’s Car

More details are emerging in the case of the shooting death of former New Orleans Saints’ defensive end Will Smith. Police have revealed that Smith had a loaded handgun in his car when he was killed on Saturday night.

NOLA.com said that Smith’s gun was a fully loaded 9 mm handgun. The man arrested and charged with second degree murder in the shooting, Cardell Hayes had a fully loaded revolver in his Hummer H2, which police said hadn’t been fired. Shell casings from another gun, a .45-caliber handgun, were found at the scene.

Smith was shot and killed after going out to dinner with his wife and friends on Saturday night. Video surveillance showed a car matching the description of Smith’s Mercedes SUV apparently read-ending Hayes’ Hummer. The Mercedes SUV drove off when the Hummer pulled over. Two blocks away,another incident took place when Hayes’ car allegedly hit Smith’s car. Before Hayes shot and killed Smith.

Hayes’ lawyer John Fuller maintains that it was self defense.

At least one witness claimed that Smith said he was going to get his gun during the heated argument following the fender bender and that’s when Hayes pulled out his weapon and opened fire. Smith’s body was found slumped on the steering wheel with his feet out the ground, he was shot in the back.