Lil Wayne Stuns Skip Bayless On First Take [Video]

Skip Bayless and Lil Wayne seem to have secretly bonded. The day after the Espy awards, Skip held his own “Skippy” awards on “First Take.” Lil Wayne made a surprise visit to the set -he happened to be in town for the I AM Music tour– and caused Skip to not only change his mind on a few categories but bow at the greatness that is Lil Wayne.

Curious about the interaction? Check out this after show clip:

 Lil Wayne also released a free mixtape (the site for it crashed for a few after he announced the link) Making sports references in his raps has been a regular occurrence and in this clip he breaks down a few of them i.e. Babe Ruth (he points where he’s going to knock it out of the park), Mike Tyson (he knocks out the competition, well I’m paraphrasing but you know) and Jimmer Fredette (he shoots lights out)

 … Ok Wayne.