Lil Wayne courtside at “The Grindhouse” for Grizzlies vs. Thunder [photos]


The sports’ fan in me appreciates that Lil Wayne always makes an attempt to see his new favorite team up close and personal. Right now Wayne’s fanboy choices of the month seem to be whoever is playing his arch NBA rivals, the Miami Heat or the Oklahoma City Thunder. Earlier this week, young Tunchii was seen chilling out with members of the Chicago Bulls after they beat the Heat in game one of their playoff series. Wayne even supposedly hooked them up with drinks while enjoying the fine night life scenery of Miami at Mansion.

On Saturday he was spotted courtside in Memphis at “The Grindhouse” as the Grizzlies beat the Thunder in game 3 to take a 2-1 lead in the series. Stay focused young Griz, the Bulls haven’t won since Wayne jumped in their corner.

Photos via IFWT