Lil Wayne apologizes to LeBron James but not the Miami Heat or Chris & Adrienne Bosh [audio]


Lil Wayne apologized to LeBron James for saying F**k LeBron James but said he isn’t sorry for what he said and won’t apologize for being him or, anything else that he said Sunday night in Houston.

In an interview with Miami’s Felisha Monet of 99 JAMZ, he also mentions that Bron’s the homie and that he’s really cool with LeBron’s mom so he takes that back but nothing more.


Wayne also said that Dwyane Wade was the spark for this beef. That he was heckling Wade and Bosh during a game and he and Wade had words:

D. Wade looked Wayne dead in his face to which Wayne said “If y’all don’t f*** with me, I don’t f*** with y’all”. To that comment Wade replied, “WE don’t!”, insinuating that the entire team has a problem with Wayne. Wayne replies “Well, f*** you then” and Wade says “F*** You!” and from that point on it was F*** everything about the Heat considering how much money he spends to be there.

Wade also goes on to explain why he felt he was banned by the NBA. He said he was slated to be involved in a dunk Pacers Gerald  Green wanted to do during the dunk contest- Gerald was allegedly going to dunk over Wayne while he skateboarded by- but was vetoed by the NBA, he also was supposed to perform with Alicia Keys during halftime of Sunday’s game but claims that was vetoed also and finally he wasn’t allowed to purchase tickets to the game.

Well, there you have it. It is interesting to note that “sources” said Wayne’s beef with LeBron is actually because LeBron doesn’t want to be BFF’s with him.  The only confusing thing, Wayne and Adrienne Bosh allegedly had dealings back in 2007 and Adrienne jumped on the scene with Bosh in 2010. Six years is a long time to be harboring that sort of animosity. :shrug: I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear of this topic.

Side note, Weezy and LeBron’s mom Gloria James are cool? What’s that like?