Life During The Lockout: Darren Sharper Is An Actor Too [Video]

The NFL lockout has been in full swing for about a month now.  We’ve heard of players trying their hand at soccer (Chad Ochocinco), the thug life (pick any of the 13 or so off season arrests) and of course, acting.

The latest NFLer to try their hand in the acting arena, New Orleans Saints Safety, Darren Sharper.  Darren is appearing in a webisode for’s “A Series Of Unfortunate People.”

This episode entitled “Punchline,” is about a woman who is unknowingly dating Isaac (Sharper), a man afflicted with ISOH (Inappropriate Sense of Humor), it features such fun scenes as Sharper commenting on Randall’s (one of the characters) size or lack thereof and humping a dog. :blank stare:

Check it out:

A Series of Unfortunate People Ep #5: Punchline by SeriesOfUnfortunatePeople

yeaaahhhhhhh. This didn’t work for me. He’s still cute with dimples though so I guess it didn’t hurt his stock to much right?… MAYBE. What did you think?


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