Life During The Lockout: Bucks PG Brandon Jennings Interns At Under Armour

Bucks guard Brandon Jennings is making the most out of his lockout summer. Jennings scored a summer internship with the company he happens to be signed to, Under Armour.

The company is based in Baltimore so Brandon also has full use of their facilities to work out in and then he’s be able to play in some of the leagues in the DC area like Goodman and the Melo center. Former Chicago Bull Jay Williams has also been enlisted to help Brandon work on his game this summer.

This is a win-win situation for UV and Jennings. UA gets to learn more about one of their featured players which in turn can definitly help them fine tune their approach to consumers and Brandon gets an up-close experience of the workforce. Jennings even has his own title, “Curator of Cool.” That’s hot! He’s already provide input that will be used in the design of a jogging shoe ( styled after the bumper of a Bugatti luxury car)

He may not have gone to college, but the fact that he’s taking the time to learn about the business side of endorsements, shows he’s taking full advantage of the opportunities basketball presents to him.


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