Lebron James thinks Dwyane Wade’s new nickname is corny

Way-of-WadeRemember when Shaquille O’Neal arrived in Miami back in 2004? That one move forever altered Dwyane Wayne’s basketball life. Shaq once shared a story about  a time during that first season he had a party while the Heat were on the road. It may have been even been a preseason game. Of course Shaq invited his new teammate to come hang out. But when Dwyane Wade got to the door, they made him wait in line. Shaq said he promised DWade that everybody would know his name and he’d never have problems getting into a party again.

Since then DWade certainly has become a household name. Now, he wants his NEW nickname to takeover the world just like ” Flash.” But are we rocking with it? LeBron James isn’t:

LeBron James was so amused by Dwyane Wade’s new self-proclaimed nickname that he dared Wade to reveal it to the media before doing so himself.

“It’s ‘WOW,’ Way of Wade,” James said, referring to the slogan for Wade’s Li-Ning shoes. “I think it’s corny.”

Wade, who discarded the “Flash” nickname two years ago, did not concur.


“I’m taking it global!” he shouted.

I’m with King James. Two thumbs down! I get what you’re trying to do DWade, build your brand. Just think of some other way to bring that excitement to your fans. Say it out loud…  wow… nope. Let’s regroup.

In the meantime, check out this video from DWade and Li-Ning from All-Star.