Lebron James talks to his haters on Instagram [video]


LeBron James took a hiatus from social media as the Heat made their run for a second consecutive NBA title. Today the King made his triumphant return to Instagram with a video. In the video seemed to be talking directly to his haters and detractors:


“Man, I don’t know what to say. I’m a champion, two times, two rings… that sh*t stank don’t it!”


LeBron said screw the PG-13 version for his second championship. You can check his Finals MVP speech where he lamented “I ain’t got no worries” HERE. And the video where he poitlietly tells the media to “get the fu*k out of my face” HERE

I’m not mad, talk your sh*t King James. You’ve earned the right to.

video via LosThatSportsBlog