Lebron James & Maverick Carter producing a TV show for STARZ about leaving the hood


Add TV producer to LeBron James many titles. King James, his business partner Maverick Carter and Tom Werner, who produced sitcom classics like “Roseanne” and “The Cosby Show” are coming together on a project for STARZ. The half-hour show will be titled “Survivors Remorse.” The premise of the show is, two people who make it out of Philadelphia’s hood for the bright lights and follow their adjustment to fame and how they balance that and their feelings of “making it” while the homies are still struggling in the hood. One is an NBA star and the other is his BFF/cousin. Just like Maverick and LeBron- accept they aren’t related.

Through a combination of God-given talent and north Philly grit, Cam Calloway and Reggie Vaughn have achieved fame and fortune that neither could have imagined growing up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Philadelphia. But success comes with its own challenges, and the cousins and confidantes wrestle with the rewards of money, stardom, love, and occasionally, the guilt of having “made it.”

That’s a story that pretty much anyone whose come up can relate too. Famous or not. But especially for athletes who tend to have the weight of their whole hood on their back. When they get drafted, their entire neighborhood does as well. Sometimes even the guy that handed you a bottle of Gatorade feels entitled to “something” if the athlete makes it.

A whole crew of “Tee Tee’s” and “Turtle’s” don’t find their wings truck or Avion Tequila for a happy ending.