LeBron James Gives Wife Savannah Some Weight Loss Motivation

This season hasn’t been a rough ride for the Cleveland Cavaliers. With two days off from workouts, LeBron James and his wife Savannah headed down to Miami – with the Cavs being fully aware. But now some are questioning if the move is passive aggressive as photos of LeBron working out in the gym with his BFF Dwyane Wade have surfaced.

Tuesday night LeBron posted a photo hanging out with Savannah and her trainer and business partner David Alexander.



LeBron also gave Savannah some DJ Khaled-style motivation for weight loss

People tend to get really upset when they feel as if their favorites are dialing it in. Is LeBron working out with DWade during the season a sign that he misses being in Miami? or at least the maturity of playing with men who are at a certain point in their career?

He took a two-week vacation last season in Miami also. Maybe it’s just the weather.

photo via @KingJames