LeBron James & Family Vacation In Turks & Caicos [Photos]

While Carmelo Anthony is running around being wined and dined, LeBron James is wrapping up his Turks & Caicos vacation with his family, including his mother Gloria and wife Savannah’s fam. LeBron posted a video of his son, Bronny catching a black fin tuna.

He also posted more photos of his trip. Pay attention to the song that’s playing in the background, Drake’s “Draft Day.” You think he’s sending a message out to someone?

“I heard they talking crazy, I was out of town. You know they love to pop all that sh*t when I’m not around. But when I’m here, not a sound, that’ll make me snap, jot it down. Go in the booth and lay a body down”

I wonder who LeBron was throwing shots at. And of course, we’re on Savannah baby bump watch, I got you on that end too.

Carmelo is supposed to reach his decision by the end of the holiday weekend. I wonder if we’ll know King James’ plans by then as well.

photos via Instagram