LeBron & Drake Are BFF’s

LeBron James and rapper Drake are BFF’s. In addition to Drake making an appearance on LeBron’s animated cartoon, The LeBrons, Drake also sends King James inspirational text messages before his games. Check out the one he sent to LeBron before Tuesday night’s game 4 massacre of the Bulls:

“Tonight is your night, I always let him know that it’s his night,” Drake tells Yahoo. “Let’s get it, let’s go out there with a clear mind and forget all the other stuff going on and just stay focused on the task. That ring. Tonight, I told him it was his night. And it was his night tonight.”

That’s what good friends do right, support each other! Take a look at Drake’s appearance on The LeBrons. I wonder if Drake will replace Jay Z in Bron’s life. Is there a “Young Money” symbol he can throw up instead of the Roc diamond?