Lebron Denies Subtweeting Kevin Love on Twitter

Kevin Love Lebron James

Why subtweet, just @ them so they know how you really feel.

On Saturday night, LeBron James sent a shot across the Twitterverse when he tweeted:

The capitalized FIT IN and FIT OUT words appeared to be a direct jab at comments made by his Cavs teammate, Kevin Love, who has struggled adjusting to his new role in Cleveland. According to Cleveland.com, following the Cavs’ win over the Lakers, James admitted that his choice of words in his tweet was “not a coincidence, man.”

But James has since back tracked his statements and said he didn’t call out Love on Twitter by tweeting:

Lebron tweet 1 Lebron tweet 2 Fit in Tweet


Can’t blame the media for subtweeting your struggling tammate, Lebron.