Laura Govan is Suing Gilbert Arenas For Taking Back Her Engagement Ring

gilbert-Laura-Break up

This story feels like deja vu. Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas and his fiancée, ex Basketball Wives LA cast member Laura Govan have broken up.

Much like the prior two times, the break up is drama-filled, with Arenas kicking Govan out of their mansion. This time Gil took it a step further per a lawsuit filed by Laura, and claims Gilbert also sold her million dollar engagement ring after taking it back from her by force.

The two never had a formal wedding, but Laura claims they “lived together as husband and wife” and Gilbert promised that she would “share equally” in all of his earnings from 2003 on … as if they were legally married. 

Gloria wants a portion of the proceeds from the sale of her ring, plus she claims Gilbert is a partial owner in several marijuana clinics and wants her cut of that too.


Let’s rewind for a second. Gilbert and Laura have been together since 2002, and have four children together. Their relationship has been up and down for years. Gilbert used to blog for back in the day while he was still with the Wizards (2008). He would complain about Laura’s housekeeping skills, and even shared how he always kicked her out of the house.

Then in 2011 when Laura was cast with her sister on VH1’s Basketball Wives, while Laura was pregnant with baby number four, she sued Gil, claiming he abandoned her and their children, moving from DC to Orlando following a trade, and cutting off all communication. Gilbert filed suit against Laura, and the producers of BBW to prevent Laura from speaking on him while on the show. The judge dismissed the suit in 2012 because of comments Gil made on Twitter. He and Govan reconciled soon after.

Laura had Gilbert severed with child support papers at halftime of an Orlando Magic Miami Heat game. That wasn’t the first time she tried that trick. While Gilbert was still with the Wizards, Laura planed to have him served at Staples Center during Wizards vs. Lakers.

Allegedly the Wizards caught wind of the plot and protected Gil by having him stay at the team hotel, scratching him from the game that night.

Laura and her sister Gloria mentioned during a red carpet interview a few months ago that they are both newly single, Gloria is currently separated from her husband, Clippers forward Matt Barnes. In early March, Laura  announced on Instagram that she had a miscarriage.

I wanted to share something with U guys and why I’ve been out of the loop, well #NRealLife for the past three months I’ve been sick, and extremely exhausted and about a month ago I found out that I was pregnant with my 5th baby, which I thought was impossible. Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage. When it happened I didn’t want to talk about or deal with it, but now I’m ready to get my life back on track! I gained a good 15 pounds during this rough time in my life. I want you to rock with me as I take this journey of losing the weight and getting ME back …. because this is something REAL that happens every day to women like you and me and it’s real easy to feel alone, confused and unsure about how to handle or deal with the struggle. Thank God for my REAL friends and family who allowed me to do me and take some time away to get back to focus. #inRealLife I’m so thankful for all your support …. Let’s get it … And Thank You for the LOVE

So basically, this sounds like par for the course with them. We’ll see if after 13 years, and four kids they actually split up.