Latest Update On Lamar Odom

This is the latest update on the condition of Lamar Odom and the circus surrounding him as he fights for his life inside a Las Vegas hospital.

As of Friday morning, doctors report no significant changes in his medical condition. The 35-year-old remains on a ventilator. His condition is being treated as an overdose. There are reports that he’s opened his eyes, squeezed Khloe’s hand and somehow indicated he wanted to see his children.

Lamar’s two children, Destiny and Lamar Jr, along with their mother Liza were spotted at Sunset Hospital. The Kardashian family also visited but departed on Friday morning. Khloé has been at his bedside since Tuesday, even though she and Lamar have been separated since 2013.

The 31-year-old reality star and Odom, both signed divorce papers in July, but are still legally married – California takes six month for judgements are entered. Khloé is now responsible for decisions made regarding his medical condition. The Kardashians released a statement saying they are suspending their online activities while Lamar is fighting this battle.

Metta World Peace’s brother Daniel gave out some information on Twitter Friday morning.

He also disputed reports of the Kardashians filming at the hospital


More details are emerging about Lamar Odom’s activities in the hours before he was discovered unconscious. Lamar reportedly spent $75,000 over the weekend at the Love Ranch South.

Lamar had the VIP suite and with room, board and two girls who were on call 24/7.