Lance Stephenson’s Baby’s Mama Wants Child Support Increase To $12K



Feby Torres is suing her ex, NBA star Lance Stephenson for a bump up in child support. Torres is the mother of two of Lance’s children, four-year-old Layla and one-and-a-half-year-old Lance BornReady Jr.


Torres is currently living in a Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment and receives almost $6,000 a month in child support. She claims this amount isn’t enough to move the children to a better neighborhood and send Lance Jr. to day care so she can go back to school. Lance will earn $9 million this upcoming season.

Feby Torres asked Judge John Fasone to up her support from $5,800 a month to $12,000… Torres told the court that she’d like to move to a place in Brooklyn’s high-end Prospect Park area, but can’t afford the $4,800 a month rent. She said she can’t even afford furniture for her baby son.

Torres testified that she’s teetering on a tight budget, and needs $3,335 a month in childcare expenses alone. She said she had to yank the kids out of day camp in July because “I couldn’t afford it,” Torres said.

Lance’s lawyer said not so fast, per Bossip, Laurence Greenberg referenced Torres’ social media postings indicating that Torres has a different goal in mind, chasing rappers.

…Stephenson’s lawyer, Laurence P. Greenberg, said outside of court that Torres’ Facebook page shows her traveling around the country to “cover various musical artists.”

Torres lawyer, Dan Nott, is the law partner of Raoul Felder, who previously represented Daniela Rajic – the baby mama of Stephenson’s former Indiana Pacers teammate Paul George.

The trial will continue next month. Stephenson was traded to the Clippers this offseason.

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