Lamar Odom goes nuts on paparazzi smashing equipment [video]


Things have been really off for Lamar Odom since the Los Angeles Lakers traded him to the Mavericks two seasons ago. it took him the bulk of last season to round into playing shape and he’s been fighting off allegations that he’s cheating on his wife, Khole Kardashian with a stripper he met in DC at Stadium night club.

Lamar has cheated on Khloe since at least January 2012, a source tells the mag, when he met gorgeous 29-year-old brunette Jennifer Richardson at the Stadium Club strip club in Washington, D.C., after playing a game for the Dallas Mavericks. previously reported about how “strippers were grinding on him,” during that wild night. “Lamar and Jennifer ate dinner in an intimate booth together that night, then he took off her shoes and started rubbing her feet,” a friend of Jennifer’s tells the mag. “The chemistry between them was off the charts!” “As soon as she got there, he took her phone apart and put the pieces in different spots all around the room,” her friend reveals. “He actually took the battery out and the back off. She thought he was afraid that she would take photos or record him.”

Smart move disabling her phone, she must have had a Blackberry because there’s no battery removal with an iPhone.

Lamar went on a rampage Wednesday afternoon and was caught on video destroying the camera equipment of 2 paparazzi in Hollywood, putting some of that equipment and then snapping a photo- calmly – with a fan. Of course, TMZ captured the footage.


I wonder what set LO off like that. Did you notice the tourist van, those people are going home with a true Hollywood story!If the cheating rumors are true, I bet his ex-fiance, Liza Morales is thinking, told you so, Khlo. Lamar and the Lakers are reportedly working on a reunion. So far, no charges have been filed.


spotted at BSO