Lamar Odom allegedly on drug binge with 2 women


The Lamar Odom saga continues to take strange twists. Earlier this week, Lamar’s father Joe had an interview where he claimed that the Kardashians are the cause of all of LO’s current issues. Lamar then posted to Twitter claiming that the Kardashians were his only family – leaving out his two kids – and proclaiming Joe as the source of issues.

But per TMZ, LO is holed up doing drugs with two 20 something young ladies- one of which they alleged he’s intimate with- and no internet access so it couldn’t have been him that sent the tweet.

Sources who have first-hand knowledge of Lamar’s actions tell us … he did NOT send the tweet.  In fact, they say he has no Internet where he’s staying and he wants it that way. Lamar, we’re told, is unbelievably paranoid about anyone knowing his whereabouts by tapping his phone. He has a 15-second rule in the house — no one can be on his phone for longer than that. 

What’s more … when anyone comes to the house, Lamar has someone confiscate their phone at the door.

It did seem odd that THIS topic would be what LO decided to come out and address. But the whole situation is strange. Joe has also since taken a new position on his stance about the Kardashians and his son’s drug issues.