Lala throwing shots at Celtics Jordan Crawford?


It’s the NBA playoffs so everything is major. Following a skirmish at the end of Wednesday night’s Celtics vs. Knicks. Celts reserve Jordan Crawford could be seen talking sh*t to Carmelo Anthony. There are several people who graduated from lip reading 101 believe that Crawford said something to the effect of “my homeboy fu*ked your wife.” The jury is still out on that but you can watch the video HERE to take your best guess.

In the meantime, in the event he did try to go there, Lala took to Twitter and Instagram today to let him know what was on her mind… Subliminally of course.






For his part, Jordan Crawford came on Twitter today stating that he didn’t say anything about Lala to Carmelo.



Hmmmmmmm I don’t know Jordan, you might need more people…