Lala Anthony defends her BFF Kim Kardashian [video]

Lala Anthony is an actress, entrepreneur, mom and a great friend. She appeared on New York’s Power 105’s popular morning show, “The Breakfast Club” Wednesday to discuss how she balances her busy life and other topics but the conversation took an interesting turn when the lines were opened to callers seeking advice and one referenced Lala’s BFF, Kim Kardashian as a H* and questioned if “birds of a feather flocked together.”

Check that out around the 13:45 mark:


To hear Lala’s definition of a “h*”:

“My definition [of a hoe] is a little different too. I think a hoe is someone who has no morals and values when they do what they do. A hoe is like breaking up –[they know] a person’s married, [but they’re still] messing with him. Stuff like that.

“I don’t think a hoe is someone who sleeps around cause if you’re single and you’re enjoying yourself, that’s what you’re supposed to do.”


So there you go! Personally, I agree with Lala. But in general, I think the term h* is thrown around way to liberally these days – unless we’re referring to athletes ::giggle::