Lala Anthony covers Latina magazine [photos]

The second season of Lala Anthony’s VH1 reality show, Lala’s Full Court Life is returning March 19th. Lala has stated this season will go deeper into issues between men and women, married life and more. The teaser that was shown a few weeks ago hinted that Lala might be confronting a woman she believes had/has a relationship with Carmelo.

Can I just say that I believe that particular scene to be an editing tactic and she’s engaging in a hypothetical conversation but we’ll see. Lala is on the cover of Latina magazine this month and provided some insight into how she and Melo have endured being together for 8 years and how she remains secure being married to a professional athlete.

On how she and Carmelo have lasted 8 years

“It’s been 15 days since I’ve seen my husband. That’s a long time for us to go without seeing each other. But I went on this whirlwind of launching the makeup line and my husband’s a basketball player. It’s not like he can say, ‘Hey, I’m not playing in the game today, I’m going to meet up with my wife somewhere.’ We’ve been together for eight years and I think we’ve lasted this long because we give each other space. But there’s also that time where it can be too much space.”

On being successful and having it all

“I’m never satisfied—career-wise, I mean—I’m always looking for the next thing; that’s just my personality,” she says. “Why can’t I be a great mom, wife, TV host, actress, producer, have my own reality show and makeup line? The hard part is the balancing of it all.”

On trusting her husband Carmelo

“I wouldn’t say it’s a misconception, because there are a lot of athletes who do live a certain life with women everywhere,” La La says. “So you can’t act like it’s the craziest thing you’ve ever heard, because it is out there. But I’m secure in my relationship. I’m happy with having my own thing going on. I don’t spend all day worrying about what he’s doing. In that sense, I trust him.”

On making peace with your insecurities

“In this day and age, [people will] tear you to hell: ‘Her hair, her legs, her this, her that.’ So it is sometimes hard to stay as confident as you like. I’m just like anybody else. Weight goes up and down, sometimes I’m killing myself to be on a crazy diet, sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I feel like my legs are too skinny, other times I don’t. As you get more mature you learn to embrace insecurities and figure out how to be okay with that stuff, to keep it in perspective.”

I love the ponytail. I also admire Lala’s hustle. It’s not easy to keep your identity once you become involved with an athlete. Kudos for the balance they’re creating.