Kyrie Irving’s Baby Mama Has Beef With Child Support Agreement

Athletes and “baby’s mama drama” seem to go hand in hand. Especially in situations when the parents probably weren’t in a committed relationship to begin with. The latest example involves Cavs guard Kyrie Irving.

The internets have recently moved on from Kyrie’s relationship drama with Kehlani, but his daughter’s mother, former beauty queen Andrea Wilson is just ramping back up. If you recall, Andrea reached out to Kehlani on Instagram saying that the singer should encourage Kyrie to be a better dad to their almost 6-month-old daughter. Now Andrea has taken Kyrie to court to have a few adjustments made to their child support agreement.

In the original settlement which was reached prior to the baby’s birth last fall, Kyrie paid Andrea $4500 a month, the two would make joint decisions on what those funds were spent on.

But Andrea has found that set up doesn’t quite work for her. She filed court documents requesting  full control over how the child support money is spent including spending it on herself if need be. Kyrie would like to keep the original financial part of the deal in place.

via Bossip.

Andrea filed court papers asking a judge to enforce a new paternity agreement between the pair, which would give her sole control over how baby Azurie’s $4,500 a month in child support is spent. Andrea’s new proposed paternity agreement would also require the NBA to take the $4,500 a month child support directly out of his salary, according court docs filed in Tarrant County, Tx. District Court. It also puts it in writing that Kyrie is solely responsible for the child support.

Kyrie paid all of Andrea’s legal bills from the original suit and she also has the standard baby’s mama golden parachute which consists of moving expenses should have to move, medical bills, nannies, daycare and extracurricular activities.

Kyrie is claiming the language in Andrea’s new proposed agreement would damage his relationship with his baby girl and violate Texas state family law.

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