Kyrie Irving gets caught up on Twitter


Maneuvering your way through the social media landscape can be tricky for anyone. But for a professional athlete, the stakes are higher. Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving had a Christmas Eve heartache via Instagram and Twitter.

Kyrie was hanging out with “friends” on Christmas Eve when one decided to take his phone and post a photo to Instagram. Kyrie then began to panic because he has a “wifey,” Natalia Garibotto, who was visiting her family for the holiday and, I’m guessing she wasn’t too enthused about Uncle Drew hanging out with two “friends” on Christmas Eve.

Like I said, it all played out on Twitter.


The two ladies in the photo chimed in via their Twitter account.


And lastly, Natalia weighed in.



The better question, why did he allow his phone out of his possession? That would’ve solved it all.

Check out more photos of everyone involved.



Apparently Kyrie was telling the truth about being hacked because he was with Wale elsewhere on Christmas Eve but in her tweets, his friend said she posted the photo from his from. Confusing and conflicting.  Friends :: sad face::


Curtsy to IFWT for the Tweets