Kyrie Irving Already Has Baby’s Mama Drama


Athletes and paternity drama are a familiar pairing. Earlier this week, Cleveland Cavs star Kyrie Irving filed documents in Texas to prove he’s the father of the child that Andrea Wilson is carrying. Wilson was 2010 Miss Texas United States.

Kyrie is taking the pro-active approach of requesting a paternity test before the child is born. Per his attorney’s statement to TMZ, Kyrie is ready to take an active role in his child’s life, and the point guard is prepared to cover all of the child needs — including medical care. But there’s one catch, he wants Wilson to raise the child in Texas … where Wilson and her extended family reside.


Wilson says that Kyrie and his lawyer’s moves are an act for the media, to make Kyrie look like a good guy.

“Kyrie has had no participation. He is only seeking custody to look good for the press”, said Wilson

“I’ve paid for and handled everything on my own without ANY support from him. I have no connection with him nor do I seek any connection to him.”

The two reportedly started dating in 2013, but aren’t currently in a relationship.

Kyrie is offering a nice “baby mama golden parachute.” That’s the standard child support package pro athletes offer to the women who end up pregnant but they aren’t in a “real” relationship with.

I know Kyrie’s advisors are trying to avert the bad press that comes along with paternity and child support issues played out in the media. The stipulation about her staying in Texas likely has to do with the fact that the state limits the amount of child support a woman can receive. It also would likely keep her away from reality TV.

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