Kris Humphries willing to miss NBA playoffs for start of divorce trial


Kris Humphries is serious about his intent to prove that Kim Kardashian purposely faked her love for him thus committing fraud in their marriage which would be grounds for an annulment, not divorce. A trial date has been set for May 6th. The problem with that, should the Nets make it to the NBA playoffs and advance beyond the first round, the date could cause a potential conflict. The playoffs begin April 20th. A trial could take 2 to 3 days, in CALIFORNIA.

What options are available for “The Hump?”
1. Settle the case BEFORE it goes to trial so he can play in the playoffs. 

2. Play in Playoff games but miss the trial. It can go on without him, though it puts him at a handicap.

3. Go to the trial and let his team down

According to TMZ, Humphries is planning on ditching the playoffs if necessary to be in court.