Kris Humphries & Kim Kardashian’s lawyers battle it out in court



Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian technically are still married. Their lawyers are scheduled to hash it out in court on Wednesday. TMZ reports that Kris has been reluctant to settle, still intent on proving that Kim concocted the whole thing for reality TV ratings – DUH.

To date, Humphries lawyers haven’t even taken Kim’s deposition, which was due today. They of course claim that it’s Kim’s side that’s dodging them. The next court date is set for November 28th. Kris needs to let go and move on. Reggie did and he’s ok right now. Even back on reality TV via Hard Knocks. I know fame is a drug and clearly Humphries is hooked but it’s time to stand on your own and let go of Kim’s shadow. He was paid well, gained some popularity and was featured in a rap song. That’s every young athlete’s dream away from the game, right?

Speaking of rap songs and rappers, Humphries’ lawyers did make sure they subpoenaed Kanye West. Guess his lines in Way too cold have them asking themselves if Kim and Ye were “involved” during those 72-days of marriage. The special part to the story, how they had Yeezy served,  Per TMZ- yes again, stop playing. You know they get ALL the legal scoop so we can analyze it –  they placed the summons in a Nordstrom box and had it sent to Kim’s house.

Cause everybody loves a gift!


Curtsy to TMZ