Kris Humphries caught creeping out of Myla Sinanaj’s house [video]

Nets center Kris Humphries is still caught up in legal red tape in his divorce from Kim Kardashian but looks like he and rumored girlfriend Myla Sinanaj are back on. Both recently testified in Humphries divorce proceedings that they are JUST friends. However TMZ cameras caught up with the two acting like a-couple-with-something-to-hide and Sinanaj’s home recently. In addition to Kris donning a hoody and glasses to try to make his 6’8 frame inconspicuous, they also separated their entrances into Myla’s Rutherford, NJ home.

But that’s not all, TMZ also claims that on Monday night Kris’ car was parked outside for the whole night.


Listen, TMZ is a BEAST! I mean, my friends and I always arrive places together but space out our entrances. ::blank stare::

On the flip side to that, whose staking out Myla Sinanaj’s house and sending it to TMZ? Hmmm, score one for Kim K’s lawyers.