Kordell Stewart says he’s not gay [video]


Former NFL player Kordell Stewart has dealt with rumors regarding his sexuality for years. Following a stint last season on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” with his estranged wife Porsha, Kordell decided that married life wasn’t for him and has separated from his wife. Porsha is still a cast member of RHOA and of course he marital woes were addressed in the first episode of the newest season. In discussing her marriage, Porsha raised the topic that there is a possibility her soon to be ex-husband is gay.


Well, of course that accusation didn’t go over to well with Kordell who hit the airwaves in Atlanta this week to state on the record – again – that he is 100% Heterosexual.


Ok… This is why reality TV isn’t always the best move for couples. Do you really want this conversation/topic playing into millions of homes each week?