Kobe & Vanessa Bryant not ready to sign final divorce papers

Who didn’t see this coming? Look as i Kobe an Vanessa Bryant will hold of on signing the final divorce papers next Monday, ending their 10 year marriage. By California law, you must wait 6 months from the time of filing to complete the divorce.

Per TMZ, the couple is dating though not fully reconciled and Vanessa can pull the trigger if she changes her mind. Kobe signed the deeds to three of their mansions over to Vanessa so if they do decide to get back together, she can tell him to leave HER house should she decide it’s not working. ::tee hee::

The couple was spotted at Disneyland last weekend with their two daughters. They were also seen hanging out at a Kings game and on Valentine’s day at Staples Center. I appreciate how they’ve handled this whole process internally for the most part.