Kobe Bryant’s Right Knee Arthritis Free?

“I am the only one to have found a way to cure arthritis….”– Dr. Peter Wehling

When Kobe Bryant went to Germany early last summer for another treatment on his troublesome right knee. He didn’t get the standard platelet-rich plasma (PRP), he is Black Mamba after all. Kobe went to the next level.

Dr. Peter Wehling, is a molecular orthopedist who claims he’s having unparalleled success repairing aging joints by manipulating his patients’ blood.

According to a source familiar with Bryant’s treatment, his blood was treated to isolate growth factors that attack inflammation, and then cultured with chemicals to increase their potency before being injected into his arthritic right knee.

Although the procedure shares some traits with traditional prp therapy, Wehling claims to have achieved a nearly 90 percent success rate by genetically screening his patients to personalize their treatments. It should be noted that Wehling has neither confirmed or denied he treated Kobe.

If you watched any of the footage of Kobe playing this summer in the Drew league, his camp or overseas, he does appear to have a little bounce to his step. But you also have to factor in that the Lakers season ended in the second round of the playoffs. Kobe’s had more rest this year than he’s had in years! The combination of the two should make for a lethal Kobe if the NBA season ever gets underway. Either that or Italy’s gain for a month. Le Sigh…


Check out Kobe’s film trailer for his Italian Nike tour.


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