Kobe Bryant Takes Wife on Helicopter Ride for Valentine’s Day [photos]


Romance was definitely in the air at the Bryant household.

Kobe Bryant may have missed out on playing in this year’s All Star game due to a sprained shoulder, but that didn’t stop the NBA superstar from giving his wife, Vanessa Bryant, a romantic Valentine’s Day.


According to TMZ, Vanessa woke up to a large bunch of roses and then was whisked away for a special dinner by her hubby. And how’d Kobe escort Vanessa to their date?” A helicopter ride!



Kobe’s helicopter ride is sweet, but this isn’t the first time he’s pulled the ‘copter out. Rumor has it he has been using the chopper for years to beat freeway traffic when traveling from his home in Orange County to the Staples Center in L.A.

Vanessa snapped plenty of selfies and shared her special Valentine’s Day on Instagram.

Vanessa Bryant