Kobe Bryant spotted shirtless in a Barcelona club [photos]

People are used to Kobe Bryant being lowkey or married Mamba. Kobe married Vanessa pretty early compared to most NBA players so seeing Kobe “out” or in the company of women other than his estranged wife is different. Last week Mamba was spotted in a Barcelona night club following Team USA’s friendly against Spain. Now a few more pictures have surfaced of a shirtless Kobe in the club… with two chicks.

Let me find out Mamba “turns up” in the club! ::giggles:: Actually, per TMZ, you know they get everything, Kobe only had his shirt off because someone spilled a drink on him and he sent someone to fetch another. As for the women pictured with him, they were with their significant others so no international connections happening.

But Kobe is technically single so if there was some sort of exchange, it wouldn’t be a big deal.