Kobe Bryant says his mother, Pamela stole from his home


The rift between Kobe Bryant and his mother, Pamela just got kicked up about five levels. Kobe claims that Pam stole some of the memorabilia items she sold to an auction house last January. The Auction sued Kobe for attempting to block the sale of the items. Kobe has now counter-sued Goldin Auctions, claiming that the estimated $1.5 million worth of high school items were lifted by his mom and she refused to return them.

Per TMZ:

Kobe has countersued the auction house, claiming Pamela stole some of the items from his home and refuses to return many other items that Kobe left at her house when he grew up and left.

Suing your mom and calling her a thief. Wow, this is the sort of stuff you wish could’ve been handled in private. Looks like we’re going to get a look into Kobe’s relationship with his parents over the last few years.