Kobe Bryant presents Mission: Kobe Bryant- a 5-part series on homelessness in LA [video]


“Skid Row is literally a few blocks away [from the Staples Center], but it’s not something that really registers, it’s something that you kind of look over, because homelessness has been a part of our culture for so many years, it’s just something that kind of fades in the background without you really driving by and really thinking about a person’s story and how did they get to this point and what’s keeping them there.” -Kobe

LA has the highest population of homelessness in the U.S. Kobe Bryant has started a foundation to combat that. Mission: Kobe Bryant is a 5-part series that shows life on Skid Row through some of the inhabitants eyes. Bryant takes you there and stops by the LA Mission where he speaks to four men seeking to improve their lives.