Kobe Bryant Offered $600K For 3 Games By An Italian Team

Kobe Bryant has been offered $600,000 for three home games by Italian team Virtus Bologna (slightly different from original reports claiming the amount was $600,ooo per game)

While Mamba mulls over that offer,  he’s extended his financial assistance to any NBA players who needs it during the lockout. Kobe isn’t generally regarded as a “player’s player” off the court but that image has been changing over the past few seasons.

John Wall recently spoke out regarding the lack of superstars speaking out about the lockout. Kobe’s name was mentioned specifically with the request that they (Kobe and LeBron) “stand up and say something.” Perhaps comments like that are what encouraged Kobe to put that into the universe. As long as he doesn’t run his collection services like Charles Oakley I guess that’s cool right.

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