Kobe Bryant Joins Twitter… Then Leaves

Kobe's photo on Twitter. How cool is that?

The Black Mamba officially joined Twitter ( @KobeBryant )  but then mysteriously deleted it. Kobe had 425 followers when I first clicked the follow button within a couple of hours 18K. Kobe was following celebrities like Drake, Chris Paul, baseball player Jimmy Rollins, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Dwight Howard and others. The bigger questions, why wasn’t he following me and what happened to the account?

I hope he’s got his flak jacket ready, there’s as much “hate” on Twitter as there is love. Something tells me Mamba is ready!

Word is that it is temporary and he’ll be back! Per ESPN.com Kobe’s “social media team” jumped the gun in launching his Twitter and he wants to get a better understanding of it before he dives in… OK. ::shrug:: As long as he comes back.

I wonder if who would’ve made it to a million followers faster between Kobe, Dwight Howard and King James. Can’t include Brandon Jennings, he has 125,ooo followers now. Kobe would’ve had that by the end of day one.