Kobe Bryant gives you a brain teaser to guess the meaning behind his new nickname


While LeBron and DWade were busy posting fun stuff to their Twitter account like The Heat’s Harlem Shake video – FUNNY, make sure you watch that even if you hate every other video you’ve seen of it. Kobe Bryant was announcing he’d acquired a new nickname, Vino. But he’s not giving you the meaning behind it. You have to figure out a brain teaser in order to find out the meaning behind it.

He said this is a peek into how his mind works. Mind you he posted this at 2:00 AM.





ummmmmm… yeah. I don’t really want to think that hard about something like this Kobe. I mean there’s the obvious, wine… Possibly red. But neither of those has to do with the theory of relativity. So what, light speed Mamba makes you feel tipsy?

See, this just isn’t working out. No more online Blue’s Clues. What’s your breakdown behind the meaning? It just might be the key to Kobe’s focus for the rest of his career.

In the meantime, while you ponder that, take a look at this dunk from last night.


Maybe we should call him Mercury… as in the Roman God who presides over finances, communication and trickery…