Kobe Bryant Embarrasses Rapper Bow Wow In A Game Of 1 on 1 [Video]

Kobe Bryant took on rapper Bow wow in a one on one game during the last day of Kobe’s Skills Academy Basketball camp. Bow wow (who by the way openly claimed forget Kobe, he’s a “LeBron guy” on Twitter a few months ago) bet $1000 that Kobe couldn’t beat him. Well, you pretty much know how that turned out.

Jermaine Dupri recorded the footage and it is HILARIOUS. Be warned, there’s some inappropriate language in the video. To skip the build up, head to 7:05 to watch the face off:

 HILARITY!! I love mamba and it’s even better when people get to see his funny side! Maybe next time Bow wow. Did you like how Bow wow back peddled? It’s always different when you’re right there with him! Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE mamba!

To check the whole video of Bow Wow and Kobe’s game:

photos via JD